Monday, November 9, 2009

You're Invited!

Come visit us on Nov 21!
"Your Health is Your Best Investment"

What: Gaia's Essences presents Women's Wellness Conference 2009

Where: The Holiday Inn Express, Stony Brook

When: Saturday November 21, 2009 , 5 - 10 PM

Why: The WWC is a local event that was inspired by women health professionals from the tri-state area. Seminar topics include Holistic Wellness, Healthy Cooking, Nutritional Counseling, Spiritual and Wellness Education, Fitness Training, and more! Network and learn with a gathering of like-minded, forward-thinking health and happiness practitioners from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland. Bring a friend, and don't forget to stop by The Center for Self Growth's table to say HI!

Women's Wellness Conference fee is $25.00, includes access to all seminars, wellness exhibit and a tote bag with wellness goodies/coupons/gift certificates. To register, email your name, email address and phone number to, or call 631.509.0788 for more info.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Article by Beth Miller

The 8 Good Reasons Why You’re Not Getting What You Want

Whether you have been consciously practicing the Law of Attraction or not, you probably have moments when you get frustrated that you are not getting something that you want.

Frustration happens, it’s human, and this article is meant to help you see the process of wanting something and getting it from a different vantage point that might help.

You might think you would like the idea of being like the genie on “I Dream of Genie”: to think up something that you want, cross your arms, wiggle your nose, and poof! Your desire stands before you, ready to driven by you, loved by you, lived in, worked at, eaten, flaunted, or spent in huge and worry-free amounts. That’s because most of what we want is our version of the perfect car, relationship, home, career, food, great body, or money in one form or another.

“Yes”, you’re thinking, “I DO want to be like the genie! I want to be able to wiggle my nose and get what I want whenever I want it.” But I’d like to challenge that….

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Imagine life on this planet with 6 ½ billion genies, each one ordering up the perfect cars, the perfect bodies, the perfect relationships, the perfect food, the perfect homes, the perfect careers, and the perfect amount of money. Whatever could be imagined or wanted could be accomplished without any effort or personal growth whatsoever.

Sounds good, right? On the plus side, the pros of being a Genie are:

You get to wear flashy, diaphanous, loose clothing

You get to have whatever you want, whenever you want it without any thought or struggle.

On the other hand, maybe there is a plus side to learning how to co-create what you want, instead of just having all your desires appear without any effort. By co-creating:

  • We get to “have our hands in the clay”. (To potters, who make art out of clay on a potters wheel, the very enjoyment of the process if to shape and create the bowl, not just the finished project. Sometimes it falls, other times they learn how to move their hands perfectly and the bowl comes to life. The potter could just as easily go to Target and buy a bowl, but that wouldn’t feel inspiring or interesting. We all, like potters, like to be a part of shaping our life as it unfolds.
  1. We need, want, like, and sometimes hate “The journey”. (Which one would you choose: to go white water rafting and take the whole journey down the river on a raft, feeling the calm parts and also the bumpy parts OR just dropping the raft in at the bottom of the river and saying you went white water rafting? Even if you don’t dig water sports, the point here is clear. We want the RIDE that is life, and we appreciate the bumpy and calm parts because they both exist. Just getting dropped off at the bottom would be safe, but mundane and boring.
  1. We learn what faith is and how to actually have it (Faith is “believing without seeing”, and having faith enables us to remember that we are not alone in our lives)
  2. We get the opportunity to keep refining what it is that we want as we go through the process of creating it (Imagine if you immediately got everything you thought or felt about, before you got a chance to be absolutely sure that’s you wanted. Remember that old slogan “Careful what you wish for because you just might get it…”)
  3. We actually learn the specific skills necessary to accomplish our dreams (how to write a book, build a business, save money for a home, learn a language, read a map)
  4. We feel satisfied about what we created (Think of how proud you were when you finger painted and said “Look ma! Look what I made!” How proud would you feel if you just ordered up a Picasso and showed it to your mom when any other kid could do exactly the same thing?)
  5. We learn what is special about us, and where our individual talents and strengths are. If every genie could create the same things, there would be no differences between us.
  6. Sometimes, when we don’t get what we want right away, we realize it was all for the best as time went on. (Sometime we are SO glad we didn’t get what we wanted at the time. For instance, years ago I was really hoping to become partners with a group of therapists but it just wasn’t working out. At the time, I was frustrated.. But now that I look back, I couldn’t be happier that I don’t get what I wanted! I travel less, am doing exactly what I desire, and make my own decisions. What examples do you have of being blessed that you didn’t get what you wanted at the time?)
  7. And we get better, stronger, faster, and smarter by being challenged and using our muscles, our minds, our emotions, and our skills. Otherwise, they atrophy.

If you are not convinced that the sometimes struggle and frustration that is part of life is better than being a genie, think of the stereotypical trust fund baby who can’t find a satisfying career almost because they don’t have to develop the skills to learn how to make money and support themselves. On one hand, we all want to BE that person that has gobs of money and doesn’t have to pay bills while discovering their career passion. But when we really take a look at the people who have that, their lost feelings seem even more unbearable than our frustration at paying the bills while creating careers we actually like.