Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Beth... (How To Release Negativity and Old Patterns With The Moon)

Dear Beth:

I was told by someone who attends one of your Positive Energy Groups that there is a way to release my old patterns (which are about being in negative relationships over and over and not being able to have the love that I really desire) by doing a sort of ritual with the moon. Can you tell me how to do it?

-Jen A, wanting release in Port Jefferson

Hi Jen,

Releasing with the moon is an extremely effective ritual for several reasons. One reason relates to how truly connected we are to the natural world. The new moon indicates a new cycle, which occurs on a monthly basis. Like all things living, there are natural cycles of birth, life, and death and every month and every moon experiences this as well. Your personal issues also have a cycle of birth (when they started), life (how long they have bothered and/or served you) and now death (actually allowing them to be released).

Another reason that this ritual is effective is because it is energetic and symbolic. Energetically, you when you do this you are shifting from the negative state to the new, refreshing positive state. Symbolically, you speak to the non-verbal, right brained intuitive self by using a sensory ritual and not just words to make change in your life.

Regardless of why it works, have faith that it does! I have had many, many personal experiences and a multitude of individual and group clients do this exercise and find that the experiences range from “relieving and relaxing” to “I can finally breathe again” to “Extremely weird how my life changed immediately.”

Here’s What To Do;

Step One: The Releasing Letter

Sit quietly and write down what you want to release. On a sheet of paper, tell the story of what you are ready to let go of i.e. “Today, I release the lack of love that I have for myself that allows me to pick partners that are no good for me. I release my low self-esteem and the message that I got from my father that I wasn’t good enough and my 8th grade teacher that I was stupid. I release the boy who rejected me at the prom in 10th grade. I release loneliness and finding being alone to be intolerable. I release this old pattern of selling myself short. I release desperately wanting what I think everyone else has. I release my current partner whom I know if not good for me. I release my desire to keep in contact with him. I release all of these negative thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and energies to the universe for healing. I no longer need these things in my life and they do not serve me being my best vehicle of love and kindness to myself or others in the world.” You will find this part of the exercise to already cause major shift.

Step 2: The Welcome Letter

Like all energy and space, when the negative is eliminated we must “fill” it with something. On a sheet of paper, it is now time to write what you will be inviting into your life, i.e. “I invite into my life a wonderful sense of self love. I invite ein new friends that want the best for me and think I am fabulous. I invite in new and exciting, healthy experiences. I welcome the feeling of enjoying my independence. I welcome feeling satisfied with myself and my life. I welcome in peace and forgiveness. I invite in taking a new and interesting class to keep my and feelings busy in a positive way. I am ready for and welcome in a feeling of love for myself. And when I am ready, I will welcome in a healthy relationship that reflects that love for myself.”

Step 3: The Burning Ritual

Now find out when the next full moon will be. If you can, do this exercise the outside and on the evening of a full moon but if you only have time in the day that is fine, too. Read you releasing letter out loud and when you are done, burn it in a safe container (i.e. a coffee container). Take several deep breaths as it burns. Now read your Welcome Letter. Read both letters with intention, even if it feels silly. You are telling the universe that you are emphatically ready for change and it is best if you can put your feelings and passion behind it. Do not burn your welcome letter. Keep it safe and enjoy reading it at other times if you are discouraged about your intention or path.

Step 4: Look for The Signs

Keep an eye out for changes that happen in your life and continue doing this ritual on a monthly basis, for other issues that come up for you. This is a cleansing process that truly helps to purge your system of the blocks and issues that prevent the life you desire.

You must be very aware of yourself and your daily experiences if you want to see the evidence that your ritual has worked and do not discount anything as merely a coincidence! Note: you also may need additional tools and personal work to completely release these issues from your life.


Step 5: Tell Us About It and Win Free Stuff!

Blog the Dear Beth Blog with your stories of what happened when you did this exercise or any other questions about self growth and how to think, feel, and be happier. Your entry will help others learn while also being entered in a monthly raffle for a free individual Intuitive Breakthrough Session with Beth Miller.

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