Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Transformational Breath: Make Your Mind Your Best Friend"

Sun Sept 13 , 10 - 11:30 AM
Rita Davies Wild, Essential Holistics Inc

Not sure that you are making the right decisions?

Are you afraid of the decisions you have already made?

What can help is clarity and insight.

Experience Transformational Breath - a technique developed to transform and bring about a state of Peace and Well Being. With Transformational Breath old patterns are brought to awareness, restructured and consciously transmuted. As personal identity changes by touching the transpersonal realm, the "True Inner Nature" reveals itself and behavior automatically alters.
The great news is that it starts working during the first session.

Transformational Breath developed by the International Breath Institute is a natural healing method, which mobilizes the body's resources toward wholeness and well-being. The institute studies concluded that we can alter our mental, emotional and physical states by directing our breath. Old breathing patterns are reprogrammed to achieve better health.

Since most of our emotional experience registers in our abdomen and torso, our emotional responses interact constantly with our breathing. We hold our breath, pause in the normal sequence of inflow and outflow, or breath shallowly to avoid feeling old trauma stored in the chest and abdomen. The deep breathing technique helps to release old trauma, correct old breathing patterns and focuses on creating a sense of ease and deep well-being.

The physical benefits of regular Transformational Breath sessions can include mitigation of many of the causes of migraine headaches, sinus problems and other stress related ailments.

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